Endosphere therapy

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Endosphere therapy

Endosrheres Therapy is the first rejuvenation therapy that simultaneously smoothes, tones, improves microcirculation and shapes. With the help of it, a high effect is achieved in modulating the body, losing weight, as well as improving general blood circulation in the body.

The Endosrheres Therapy apparatus was developed by the Italian engineer Gianluca Cavaletti and the phlebologist Pierre Antonio Bacci for ten years. The therapy is physiological, safe and atraumatic, confirmed by clinical trials at university hospitals in Europe.

The work of the device is based on compression and microvibration, compression instead of vacuum, microvibration instead of stretching, unlike other procedures.

The most powerful drainage of liquid media and the removal of lymph and venous blood from tissues are carried out due to compression, and microvibration is aimed at restoring blood microcirculation. In addition, during the session, the tissues are heated by two degrees. This promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which leads to rejuvenation, strengthening of the vascular walls.

The result is achieved not by physical impact on the attachment, but because of its weight - two kilograms. This is enough to achieve a massage and compression effect.


  • cellulite
  • sagging skin
  • modeling of body contours
  • lymphatic drainage
  • treatment of lymph and venous congestion
  • activates metabolic processes
  • strengthening of vascular tissue
  • reduces excess body weight.

Losing weight

Promotes the loss of extra pounds, the reduction of excess body weight, helps to reduce the volume to 2 sizes;


Reduces the visible signs of edematous and fibrous cellulite, smoothes the skin microrelief, reduces pain syndromes;


Evens out skin relief, smoothes scars, scars, removes flabbiness and sagging of the skin. Recommended for young mothers for the prevention of age-related changes, with a sharp decrease in weight;


Launches soft lymphatic drainage, removes toxins and toxins without stress on the liver, activates metabolic processes, tones, has a beneficial effect on the general condition;


For thinning the silhouette, modeling the contours of the body, when you need to quickly get in shape, prepare for the beach season or an important event;


Relieves muscle spasms and pain after intense training and physical exertion, reduces swelling and bruising, improves muscle trophism, restores balance.

Your body begins to rapidly lose extra pounds, and you feel vigorous and energetic!

The procedure does not cause pain. It does not require any effort, special training, the use of anesthetics or special suits. You only feel a slight warmth and vibration.

Package offer of services

Package offer of services

Hamam is an integral part of Turkish culture, a small piece of Turkish fairy tale, in which we want to dip you in our SPA-center. The bright and extraordinary design of the hammam room, the tradition of healing, relaxation and cleansing of the body, only natural cosmetics and body care oils of the brand Charme d'Orient Paris. All the features of the ceremony of visiting the hammam - alternating dry and very wet steam, changing the temperature regime from refreshing cool to mild heat, exquisite and subtle aromas of essential aroma oils during aromatherapy, and of course obligatory restorative massage - from classic to Turkish massage in soapy water - this is the new birth of your soul and the right path to a healthy and beautiful body. Such a procedure in the complex has a tremendous healing effect: lymph drainage, skin cleansing, excretion of slags through sweat, improving blood circulation, relieving tension and complete relaxation of muscles. Regularly carrying out the procedure of visiting the hammam will allow you to strengthen and improve immunity, normalize metabolism, restore the musculoskeletal system and relieve fatigue. We look forward to welcoming you.