Premium Aqua Spa

A completely new direction in SPA and Wellness! Floating - a procedure (from English float - "to keep on the water surface") - a state of total weightlessness in highly concentrated salt water. The atmosphere of relaxation and full immersion in your inner world is the main purpose of the procedure.

The procedure of physiotherapy is aimed at complete relaxation, relaxation of muscles, removal of stress, normalization of blood pressure, strengthening of the immune system. Especially effective in chronic back problems and rheumatism.

During this time, staying in perfect silence and peace, you can listen to your body

Seasonal offer

Seasonal Offer

Hamam is an integral part of Turkish culture, a small piece of Turkish fairy tale, in which we want to dip you in our SPA-center. The bright and extraordinary design of the hammam room, the tradition of healing, relaxation and cleansing of the body, only natural cosmetics and body care oils of the brand Charme d'Orient Paris. All the features of the ceremony of visiting the hammam - alternating dry and very wet steam, changing the temperature regime from refreshing cool to mild heat, exquisite and subtle aromas of essential aroma oils during aromatherapy, and of course obligatory restorative massage - from classic to Turkish massage in soapy water - this is the new birth of your soul and the right path to a healthy and beautiful body. Such a procedure in the complex has a tremendous healing effect: lymph drainage, skin cleansing, excretion of slags through sweat, improving blood circulation, relieving tension and complete relaxation of muscles. Regularly carrying out the procedure of visiting the hammam will allow you to strengthen and improve immunity, normalize metabolism, restore the musculoskeletal system and relieve fatigue. We look forward to welcoming you.