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Traditional Russian bath, Turkish hamami, Finnish sauna and Roman steam room are comfortably located around the recreation area. Cooling ice crumbs, a shower of impressions for cooling the body after warming procedures and abundant steaming. A favorable atmosphere, environmentally friendly materials, perfect design - this is undoubtedly the heart of the Spa industry of the capital. Infrared sauna is an effective thermal procedure with a wide range of positive effects on the body. Visiting the sauna is combined with various types of massages, scrubbing and wrapping to obtain the maximum result for the care of your body. Thanks to the rapid and penetrating warming up of the body, it is possible to achieve effective sweating, elimination of toxins, toxins and excess fluid. Acceleration of circulation of blood circulation enriches the cells of the body with oxygen and other useful substances. The procedure for visiting an infrared sauna is safer and more sparing than traditional saunas. The result will not wait - silky skin, slender body, and sensation of lightness, all this is the result of stimulation of the immune system and rejuvenation of the body. This procedure will give you energy and vivacity, relaxation and harmony at the same time.

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Hamam is an integral part of Turkish culture, a small piece of Turkish fairy tale, in which we want to dip you in our SPA-center. The bright and extraordinary design of the hammam room, the tradition of healing, relaxation and cleansing of the body, only natural cosmetics and body care oils of the brand Charme d'Orient Paris.

All the features of the ceremony of visiting the hammam - alternating dry and very wet steam, changing the temperature regime from refreshing cool to mild heat, exquisite and subtle aromas of essential aroma oils during aromatherapy, and of course obligatory restorative massage - from classic to Turkish massage in soapy water - this is the new birth of your soul and the right path to a healthy and beautiful body.

Such a procedure in the complex has a tremendous healing effect: lymph drainage, skin cleansing, excretion of slags through sweat, improving blood circulation, relieving tension and complete relaxation of muscles. Regularly carrying out the procedure of visiting the hammam will allow you to strengthen and improve immunity, normalize metabolism, restore the musculoskeletal system and relieve fatigue.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Your updated body is on its way to the ideal. Observing all the rules of visiting the Roman sauna you will achieve the best therapeutic and cosmetic effect.

This update is on a physical, psychological and energy level. The temperature for maximum opening of the skin pores is necessarily 70-80 degrees.

The use of oils during the procedure will accelerate the exchange of amino acids between the cells, thereby accelerating the regeneration of cells in our body, make our skin silky and significantly improve our health.

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So close to our Slavic spirit! Russian bath is a real ritual from Ancient Rus purification, healing, vigor and strength. For true connoisseurs to enjoy the heat and steaming with a broom, we offer the services of a professional bathhouse attendant. What can better remove stress and get rid of the bustle in the big city after a day at work, in company and friends or alone.

The sauna on the wood with saturated steam, impregnated with the smell of wood, and a comfortable temperature (40-50 C) instantly cheer your spirit. When visiting baths and saunas, an abundant drink is important. Fragrant herbal tea and other drinks from the menu of our Spa-bar will quench your thirst and replenish lost fluid, activating the processes of excretion of toxins and toxins from the body.

Is it worth recalling the benefits of visiting a Russian bath. There is an active stimulation of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tracts, activation of metabolic processes forgetting that, in fact, earlier for prevention and treatment, our predecessors did not run to drugstores. The main indicator of effectiveness is our ancestors, who stimulated their immunity and recovered from all the disease regularly steamed in the bathhous.

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To lead a healthy lifestyle became a trend of today. Sport activities, training, proper nutrition - the right choice on the way to an ideal body and a healthy mind. Finnish sauna is considered an excellent way to cleanse the body and improve its health, after intense sports and training.

High temperature in the room of about 100 C and low humidity of about 15% accelerate metabolic processes, stimulates the supply of blood mucous organs during breathing, has a beneficial effect on the skin.

You are waited with fragrances of infusions from grasses and procedures with a broom. Visiting the Finnish sauna is a good way to remove toxins and toxins from the body, effective prevention of the cardiovascular system, a positive effect on the nervous and respiratory system.

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Special offer

Wellness program for the company allows you to spend time pleasantly and with good health, individually choose care, chat with a cup of aromatic tea with treats.

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SPA - complex COFFEE

An exclusive ritual that combines relaxation SPA massage, cleansing and moisturizing the whole body.

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SPA-ritual HONEY

A pleasant bath procedure, the use of which rejuvenates and improves the quality of the skin.

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