Cozy, warming ritual has a complex effect on the body: increases immunity, cleanses and nourishes the skin with minerals, normalizes metabolic processes in the body. Thanks to this complex, inflammations are removed, the skin is lightened and rejuvenated, and the protective functions of the skin are enhanced.

Individual warming in the Russian bath (operating with air flows, which gives a step-by-step deep heating) - up to 15 min

Steaming the body with oak brooms on the hay for up to 20 min

Purification (scrubbing) with salt scrub with addition of nutritive aroma oils up to 15 min

Salt foot bath with massage up to 10 min

Tea with dried fruits

SPA-massage for choice: general, relaxing, tonic

Duration of the complex - 2 hours

Time of stay in the SPA-zone is 1 hour (the complex also includes a visit to the Finnish sauna with Himalayan salt

The cost for 1 person - 2 500 UAH

The cost for 2 - 4 200 UAH

The stay in the SPA-zone is 1,5 hours (the complex includes visiting the Finnish sauna with Himalayan salt)

Duration of the complex - 2,5 hours

* SPA massage is held in the office of tandem massage